Easygreen automatic sprouter in 7 points :

Easygreen : simple ! Easy !

Sprouting will never be more simple : the Easygreen handles all steps of the sprouting process + has an automatic cleaning and desinfection cycle !

To start sprouting sprinkle your trays with seeds, fill the water compartment, and watch your seeds being soaked, misted and oxygenated automatically.
If you leave for the week end, your seeds will keep growing and you will enjoy a happy harverst when you come back !

Easygreen : healthy ! Healthy !

With the Easygreen, you will be able to sprout all kind of seeds. This includes famous broccoli sprouts, that John Hoppkins, hiring and training some of the nation's foremost biomedical researchers, discovered to have strong anti cancer proprieties.
broccoli sprouts fighting cancer !
You will be also able to grow wheatgrass in order to prepare your daily shot of wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass therapy has been utilised since 1956 on over 30 000 patients by Hippocrates Health Institute.
broccoli sprouts fighting cancer !


Easygreen : healthy ! Economic !

With the Easygreen, you will save more than 2 Euros a day sprouting !
Basically, a tray of alfafa sprouts will cost you 0.14 €, a tray of wheatgrass 0.35 €, including water and energy.
Compared to purchasing sprouts trays at the health food store, you will get your money back in 4 months.

The Easygreen consumes less fresh water for rinsing the seeds than any other automatic or manual sprouter.

Concerning power, our sprouter only consumes 20 watts during two to two and a half hours a day, that's less than an eco light bulb !

Easygreen sprouter : fresh ! F
resh !

No food will grow closer to your plate than these yummy alive sprouts that you will harvest right in your own kitchen !

No transport
No handling
No refrigeration
No sitting in shelves

Just from trays to salad, in a matter of meters and minutes.
Fresh sprouts with the Easygreen !


Easygreen sprouter : fresh ! Safe !

With your Easygreen, you won't need to worry about cross contamination during transport or handling. . The water is not recycled, nor is it sitting. No engine is warming up the water.

All what your sprouts need is fresh air and water.
Your sprouter will provide you clean fresh air, coming into the growing compartment through a an air filer, and fresh dynamised water, than has been sucked up by our patented generator following the water enhancement principles discovered by Victor Schauberger.
broccoli sprouts fighting cancer !

Easygreen sprouter : Unique ! Unique

Your Easygreen sprouter will let you become a sprouting expert.

Further than all kind of sprouts and wheatgrass, with your Easygreen, you will also succeed in sprouting wonderful babygreens, like sunflower (image beside) or buckwheat.

Customers tell us that the Easygreen is the only sprouter allowing them to grow these.

The Easygreen secret is that the growing compartment offers the best conditions possible to your seeds : fresh air and water renewed several times a time, cool temperature, perfect balanced level of humidity.

The Easygreen sprouter is also stack
-able, and connectable to a kitchen faucet.
Sunflower greens with the Easygreen spouter

Easygreen sprouter : Funny ! Funny !

All kids are attracted by what is alive.
And your Easygreen hosts the spectacular show of hundreds of alive seeds growing !

They will enjoy watching the growing process in this microfarm, eating fresh sprouts right away when they are taken off the growing compartment without waiting for their meal.

Some may even ask you proudly to take a tray at school to show to their schoolmates !

Wheat grass juice

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