The EasyGreen sprouter automates three main functions for growing sprouts and grasses. These functions are carried out regularly during the day during 15 to 20 minutes misting periods :

sprouter Maintains humidity by misting regularly. This feature is unique and unmatched in the case of jar sprouting or any other automatic or manual you may find.

sprouter Oxygenates your sprouts and grasses with a cooling mist at the surface of the plants to ensure you get fresh, nutritious sprouts daily. This features too is unique to the Easygreen, and is often forgotten : sprouts not only need fresh water, but also fresh air.

sprouts in the Easygreen sprouter 

sprouter Keeps the temperature inside the growing compartment perfectly balanced. 

So you don’t need to do anything but watch your happy sprouts grow alone and in perfect conditions !

Instructions for a daily use of your Easygreen.

sprouts with the Easygreen 
sprouter Check the level of water in the water tank, and refill with water when needed (once every two to three days). You can temporarily extend the water compartment capacity duration by reducing the number of misting cycles every day).
sprouter Once a week, clean the growing compartment quickly from seeds or sprouts fallen besides the trays. 
 sprouter Take your fresh sprouted cartridges out of the Easygreen to east them, and replace them with new seeds.

How does the Easygreen sprouter work ?

sprouter First, a Venturi effect (similar to a mini tornado) creates a depression in the cone of the mist generator, making the water wigrate from the tank to the misting device. 

Easygreen sprouter vortex forming

sprouter Then this “fresh” water is mixed with a stream of filtered air and this creates a real mist that gently sprays the surface of seeds.The resulting water is collected at the front of your sprouter. 

sprouter The EasyGreen never recirculates water the way other automatic sprouters do, this keeps you safe from contamination of your healthy sprout crop.

Why do we achieve better results in the Easygreen compared to other manual sprouter or automatic sprouters ?

The Easygreen sprouter uses a patented technology of misting water AND air on the surface of the seeds. The water management of the Easygreen is unique, and research lead by Viktor Schauberger has proven that watering plants with water circulating in a vortex strenghtens the plants resistance and improves yields. Viktor Schauberger has only been copying and replicating what he observed in nature.
We performed a little test in France. The same alfafa seeds were sprinkled in two sprouters, in the same temperature and light conditions. The conventional "manual" sprouter was simply watered and drained by hand three times a day. Here are the results after three days :

Easygreen compared to other sprouters