Disasters and economic crisis
Food to face emergency and survival situations
Storing emergency and survival food is becoming a recent raising concern. Natural distasters and the economic crisis leave us to wonder how we could feed our families if conventional food deliveries to grocery stores were cut off.One of the major company processing emergency food trippled it's activity in the USA in 2011 compared to 2010.

Fresh alive food is vital
Food to face emergency and survival situations
Calories from food are needed most urgently and most regularly for health and liviving. Dense high calory energetic food can be stored easyly, and consumed in the short term as an emergency food. But a variety of sources of highly fresh products are essential to provide the full range of rare nutrients for the body to properly use the energy in the food and to maintain best health.Unfortunately, in survival or emergency situations, storing fresh food is not an easy process.

Sprouts, the best survival live food
The simpliest way to store high fresh emergency and survival food, besides to high - calory food is to consider storing seeds and an automatic sprouter. A sprouter will be able to convert sleeping seeds and beans into fresh and alive food packed with essential nutrients. Read over the web about how nutritious sprouts are. Many precious nutrients are destroyed by heat or processing. No packed or highly dehydrated food food, no vitamin pills, no canned food will be able to provide you such high nutritious content in eveyday life and in emergency situations.

This was understood several years ago by the the scientists of the British Antartic Survey who rely on the the Easygreen sprouter installed into their living unit located in the south pole to provide them fresh food.

British Antartic Survey / Emergency and survival food
Photo : copyright British Antartic Survey / Richard Burt

So be prepared, and go for the Easygreen automatic sprouter, the best sprouter !

Food to face emergency and survival situations