EasyGreen™ was established in 1996.

Since our inception, we have worked hard to become the premier manufacturer and supplier of automatic sprouting and germination equipment in the world

Our Micro-Gardening systems enable people from all walks of life, from professional growers to home users and families to grow healthy and super nutritious sprouts at a fraction of the cost of those found in grocery stores. 

Growing scientific research is showing that consuming fresh, organic, alive and nutritious sprouts from hydroponically grown organic seeds is one of if not the healthiest food choice you can make.  EasyGreen™ has developed a very simple, automatic and highly effective, user friendly sprouting machine and system to produce perfect batches of wonderfully healthy, nutritious sprouts in as little as a few days. 

EasyGreen™ has a wide array of Automatic sprouting machines, seed starter germinators, compact commercial sprouters, accessories and green liquid fertilizers designed especially for Micro-Greens and Sprouts. EasyGreen™ is helping to fill the growing demands of millions of health oriented individuals and families, small commercial growers, Chefs and heath care professionals all over the world. Our fully patented innovative products are now supplied to over 32 countries around the world. 

Quite simply we are the best in the industry and our many satisfied clients and their testimonies are our life blood. 

EasyGreen™ has a network of professional dealers and distributors that help distribute our products globally.  EasyGreen’s success as a company stems from our philosophy of producing more value than is expected coupled with the hard work and dedication of the entire EasyGreen™ team of skilled experts. 

We continually are working very hard to meet the growing demand of our valued clients, dealers, distributors and members. It is our vision to continue to be the industry leader and continually set the benchmark for excellence in this rapidly evolving new industry by bringing to our clients the most innovative, efficient and user friendly products in the marketplace. 

When you buy one of our innovative products, you are making a decision to dramatically improve the quality of your health and your life and that of your family and friends that you influence.  

Be becoming one of our valued customers, we are also linking arms with you as a partner and client to help educate you and those you refer to us about the incredibly positive life changing and for many life saving benefits that Micro-Gardening can and does create for people. 

Welcome to our world. Welcome to a much healthier life. Welcome to EasyGreen™
Sol Azulay

To Health, Life and Longevity
Sol Azulay
Sol Azulay, Founder.

Easygreen Europe is hosted by Biovie, a small company based in south France.
If you read french, and want to learn more about us, please go on this website, online since 1999.